YMCA with Venezuela

Very few Latin American and Caribbean countries had experienced the crisis that Venezuela is suffering in recent years. The IMF estimates Venezuela’s annual inflation rate at 10,000,000%, FAO stated that hunger and malnutrition had tripled in the recent months due to food shortages, the Central University of Caracas reported that 60% of Venezuelans had lost in average 24 pounds, and the number of Venezuelan refugees and immigrants all around the world had surpassed three million according to UNHCR and OIM.

YMCA Venezuela has been a cornerstone of the community since 1946 and continues to work in this complex environment. Some facilities in Caracas had been confiscated, frequent power outages had led to failures in the YMCA electricity network and failure of office equipment, hyperinflation had forced dozens of YMCA employees to leave their jobs to immigrate to another country, YMCA employees, volunteers, and participants face growing hunger and insecurity on the streets, just to mention a few examples. Despite these circumstances, YMCA continues to be a light of hope for hundreds of youth and families.

Venezuela has become an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in the region and the Latin American and Caribbean Alliance of YMCA makes an appeal to the international solidarity to collaboratively identify and develop initiatives to be part of the solution inside and outside Venezuela. To put into practice our principles and begin the work, we invite you to participate in a simple and timely action: donate Christmas Baskets. Something very simple as a Christmas Basket with basic-food, medicines, and other basic items for all the employees of YMCA Venezuela will provide relief to their families and express our love, solidarity, and admiration for their service to the YMCA (most of the them with 20+ years of service to the YMCA).

In addition to this campaign, any other activities in your local YMCAs such as prayer chains are welcome and will add to this initiative and further actions that we collectively agree to launch in the coming year.



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